On a tight budget. This is the diet for you!

The BS Solution

The whole notion of going on a diet that costs money or makes use of expensive supplements or treatments is ridiculous. It like being an actor on a movie set. You act as if you actually believe that the diet you are buying into will work and the actor playing the diet specialist does the same. Nobody including the audience is fooled. Everyone knows that the diet may work for a while but the weight will come slowly back. Only the money spent on the diet will be gone forever.

I have a better solution. A non-diet that cannot fail.

It saves money, time and drops weight like a stone. It also improves health and vitality at the same time, making most people who try it, feel better and better every day.

It’s called intermittent fasting and it works like this: Simply stop eating during the day on weekdays.

Drink as much water, black coffer or black tea as you need. Eat only one meal a day, either at dinnertime or at lunchtime. Eat what you like at this meal; there is no need to watch the carbs or the fats. Try to avoid highly processed or junk foods if your budget allows and stay away from sugar, sweet foods and drinks as much as possible. If you feel deprived, look forward to the weekends, when you can live a little and eat normally.

Does it sound crazy to stop eating? It’s much more sane that it sounds. For a start, it will save you a fortune when you only have to shell out for one meal a day. Not having to buy snacks between meals will save you even more and the best part is that your weight will come down steadily. You mood will improve and within a week, your mind will be clear and you will start to feel like the Energizer Bunny. And that’s not all! You will also save time because you will have two meals a deal less to shop and prepare.

Yes, you may struggle to stop eating and you may initially feel hungry, but be brave! It will soon pass. In fact, most people who try this are amazed to find that their hunger disappears within a few weeks. Once you jump off the constant grazing treadmill, your body will quickly revert to its natural state of not waking up to a breakfast meal and it will wait patiently for dinner.

1) Sustainability

I think it is indefinitely sustainable. This way of life changes the drive to eat from a necessity to a choice. It allows you choose when you eat and removes the artificial hunger that so many people live with that seems to leave thoughts about our next meal or snack always on our minds. In fact, it is often the act of eating that makes us hungry!

Most of us eat more than we need to and once you get used to eating once a day you will find that you don’t actually have to eat so much.

Also, you do not need to fast on every single weekday. It is perfectly acceptable to have days when you eat two meals or more because you want to or because of circumstance.

Once you reach your ideal weight you can start to eat more meals but people often find that the lessened urge to eat more makes eating so much food a chore.

BTW: Did you know that calorie restriction is one of the only proven methods to increase longevity?

2) Meal Timing

We are in fact talking about an ‘eating window’ which usually lasts 3 or 4 hours.

Most people choose to schedule their eating window somewhere between 6 PM and 10 PM. This time often fits well into family or social gatherings.

However, mid-day also works well for some people. Very few choose to do it when they wake up but there is no reason why it can’t be done.

They key is to eat once a day and thus lower insulin levels for 16 to 18 hours a day. This results is massive health benefits of which weight loss is probably the least significant.

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