What Is Leaky Gut

stack of baked crispy cracknels isolated against white

What Is Leaky Gut

Just like your skin, your gut is exposed to the outside world.

Imagine your gut as a pile of bagels with your mouth as the hole at the top of the bagel pile. Food enters here and all that stands between it and contact with the inside of your body is a defensive line made up of a single layer of cells, represented here by the pile of bagels. Some foods can breach this line of defence and leak directly into your blood stream.

Leaky gut occurs when something foreign in your food makes ‘holes’ in your gut wall. These ‘holes’ allow an uncontrolled flow of partially digested food through your gut wall into your blood and body tissues.

This spillover of foreign substances alerts your immune system, which then goes to work trying to remove the invaders. The immune system sometimes confuses these foreign substances with ‘self’ and starts to attack normal body tissue.

Everything we do in the program is aimed at restoring the health of your gut. A damaged gut is the spark that lights the fire of an autoimmune disease like psoriasis.

What affects your gut

  • Stress levels
  • Sunlight exposure affects your sleep patterns which, in turn, affect your gut
  • Everything you eat and drink
  • Things you rub into your skin
  • Your activity levels. Sitting all day is bad for your gut.

What your gut affects

  • Everything – your skin, your joints, your immunity, your brain and even your moods
  • FYI: Fixing my gut fixed my joints and amazed my joint specialist, not that it stopped him from prescribing the $900 a month kidney killer meds to his other patients
  • Your gut even has a ‘brain’ of its own! Some scientists call it the ‘second brain’ and sometimes it can change your mind without you even realizing it.

Be better!

As your gut heals, you will steadily get better and will:

  • Be leaner
  • Fitter
  • Sleep better
  • Manage your stress better
  • Probably even have better sex

Oh, yes! Your skin will get also better.