About The Book – Psoriasis

Diet, Stress, Activity And Sleep

The book is based on the based on the latest science and works as a how-to manual for psoriasis sufferers. It explains the four pillars of psoriasis (4 horsemen) and how each of these work to affect the course of the disease. Learn the natural strategies you can use to heal your psoriasis, explained in an easy to understand way.


After 30 years of experience working on and suffering from psoriasis, he maintains that gut health is the key aspect of the disease. Find out how psoriasis begins in your gut and why skin and joint treatments like ointments, pills and injections, can never provide long-term relief.

ISBN: 978-1508434382
Author: Howard Rybko
Published: 2015
No of pages: 242
Format: Paperback • Portrait • 152 mm x 228 mm
Category: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Price: R322 incl. VAT