My Journey

My Journey

My 30-Year Battle

Having suffered from psoriasis for 30 years, I now take no medication.

Not a single painful joint and I can run, ride a bike and wear a swimming costume in public. The only cream I use these days is … in my coffee.

Long pants … always

In the ten years since I graduated from med school, my ‘annoying’ psoriasis gradually became life-threatening. It attacked my joints to the point that I moved like an old person. My knees were swollen balloons;aching, unbending and seemingly untreatable. I put on 30kg and became a virtual cripple – physically and emotionally.

I tried everything

Having my knees drained and injected with cortisone and a year or two on chemo left me nauseous and vomiting four days a week. Knee acupuncture with pulsed electric shocks down the needles followed.Then a year of aggressive hormone therapy, painfully injected into my backside twice weekly. In desperation, I finally tried injections of radioactive yttrium into my knees, which worked for a year or so.

Accidentally, I tried diet

Fifteen years later I was working on a low carb, high fat diet therapy and noticed that my psoriasis was slowly clearing. I wondered why a diet that removed sugars, grains and sweet fruit helped my skin and joints?

I had to find out.

My 30-year journey as a doctor and psoriasis victim has resulted in the answers I share in this book. Answers I’m passing on as simple strategies to help you say goodbye to your psoriasis.

Heal yourself Your psoriasis is far more than an annoying, unsightly skin condition. It has tentacles reaching deep into your body, affecting your heart, blood, nails and joints. Unchecked, it can even shorten your life.

Commit now to fixing your gut. Stop swallowing the meds and spreading odious stuff on your skin. Now is your time to end the charade of hiding the effects of this disease and to deal directly with what causes it.